• Prime Time Livestock Video Auctions

What Makes Mid States Video Auction Different?

Mid States Video Auction is a collaborative effort between two livestock auctions, Cherokee Sales Company and Mankato Livestock, Inc. The goal of Mid States Video Auction is to provide producers with an additional marketing opportunity in order to maximize profitability. While both companies love to see every hoof run through the physical location they recognize that is not always the most feasible or viable option. Thus, Mid States Video Auction was born.

Why Choose Mid States?

Both livestock markets are known for being highly knowledgeable, experienced cattlemen who value customer service. Mid States allows for extended customer service by tailoring a marketing plan to your individual needs. The addition of a video auction allows for your cattle to be promoted on a national level while maintaining a low commission rate. Furthermore, being stationed in the Midwest offers an advantage as Mid States Video Auction stands ready to give back to the community and help support the local economy.